Chapter 4 B2U2 Loops and Iterations

This is a suplementary material for the corresponding lesson from Python for Everybody.

4.1 Exercises on Loops

  • Caution: the third video is a spoiler ;-) I explain there the task but also write a program to solve it. Please make your own solution first. If you get stuck, please watch only as much as required to continue with your own solution. In the video the following steps are provided:

    • explanation of the technical part of the task
    • an initial solution for positive numbers
    • an extended solution to get values for negative values of arguments
    • a final solution to get correct values for all values of arguments
20S198801 U07 D00 loops programming tasks
duration: 06:32
20S198801 U07 D01 loops multiplication explaimed
duration: 03:45
20S198801 U07 D02 loops multiplication solution
duration: 05:47
20S198801 U07 D03 loop perfect numbers explained
duration: 07:57
20W198801 U07 D04 loops atm
duration: 08:42
total duration: 32:43


  • the material is provided in OLAT